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Sunday – 09/02/18

BooksOrBooks is leaving 3460 E Sunset Road, Suite R, Las Vegas, NV at the end of its lease, but not closing or going out of business. We’ve been at this location since November 1, 2013 and open to the public since February 1, 2014. We’ve chosen to say that it is time for the Next Chapter. Opening was easy…putting a plan in place and then executing.

The Next Chapter is more difficult. Things to consider: timing, who to notify, how to make notifications, what books to keep, which books to sell, and the list goes on. Timing is key. Yesterday, Saturday, September 1st we started a sale of 50% off all books in the bookstore. Sells were brisk, but will the books move fast enough? Will we make enough money to pay the last month’s rent? If books are half price and people buy as many books as before, will we make half as much money….so many nagging thoughts. – The goal is to sell enough books to pay the last month’s rent, take books home, rent a storage unit, move the furniture and fixtures into storage, take books home, patch up and clean the vacated suite, find a new location, take books home, move out of the storage unit, move into new location, and then back to business (and did I say, “take books home”).

In saying all this, how do we sell enough books to begin the Next Chapter? The answer is easy. Trust God and the bookstore community. The bookstore customers and book lovers we’ve met over the last 4 1/2 years have been amazing and their loyalty touches my heart. Yesterday the first day of our all out book sale was amazing. The support and kind words expressed (not to mention the amount of books sold) by our book community went way beyond all expectations….stay tuned to this blog for more on the Next Chapter.

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